queen-noon: Hi,thank you so much for your effort ,there's a fic about zayn having a crisis and harry decide to give him a kiss everyday ..I've lost it ..if you know the link please 💐

omg i’m sorry i haven’t been reading a lot of zarry fics lately (i know i know hit me) so i can’t help you. maybe others know about this? :D

Paint Your Picture Every Night

by wordcraze | One Shot | Words: 2,432 | General

Summary: Harry is a quiet and lonely ghost who finds himself fascinated by a boy named Zayn Malik.

Keep the Car Running

by writeivywrite | Chaptered | Complete | Words: 69,960 | Explicit

Warnings: Adultery, Implied Suicide

Summary: AU where Harry’s a male escort and Zayn’s a professional footballer written for the prompt ‘anything involving switching’

hi everyone! sorry i haven’t been attending to everyone’s asks/concerns. as you may have noticed, i went on a break and haven’t really been reading zarry fics lately. i’m still deciding if i’m actually gonna stop using this and deactivate it or just leave it be, idk yet. but i’ll try to get back on this cos i also want catch up on a lot of zarry fics that have been posted while i was gone.

so to everyone who sent asks looking for fics, i might not be able to respond to them yet cos i haven’t even read some of what you’re looking for. please wait for me to catch up :-)

Electric Green

Summary: A cat hybrid named Harry goes to live with Zayn and his family.

Pusher Love Girl (Boy)

Summary: Harry is drunk and just a little bit in love with a lovely boy by the name of Zayn.

Don’t You Forget About Me

Warnings: Fatal Illness

Summary: Harry and Zayn knew how to act when there were others around. They could hang off each other and laugh together and smile wide for the cameras. They saved their hatred and arguments for late at night in the middle of their hotel rooms where no one else could hear them.

Painting The World With All My Pain

Summary: Three years later, Zayn has stopped painting. The paintings no longer resemble anger or sadness, they don’t resemble anything.

Sensible Sells (So Could You Kindly Shut Up)

Summary: Harry thinks that, if love was something he believed in, he’d be in love with Louis. He almost wishes he could’ve been, back when it mattered. He isn’t surprised Louis found Liam, but he isn’t happy about it, either. Zayn is, well, the best distraction Harry’s ever had.


by wordsofzarry (1directionfanfictionxo) | One Shot

Warnings: Self-Harm

Summary: “Let me feel you. Breathe you. Fix you.”