The Art Of Peer Pressure

by katharinewrites | One Shot

Warnings: Racism, Islamophobia, Homophobia, Bullying, Suicide Attempt, Violence, Terrorism, Dubious Consent

Summary: An MI-5 AU that turned into a Zayn character study.

Sonnet 18

by wordcraze | Chaptered | Complete

Summary:  Zayn is quiet, reserved, and loves Shakepeare. Harry is confident, popular, and loves Zayn.

Sequel: Tame Me

Prequel: Falling In Love At A Coffee Shop


by obstinatrix | One Shot

Summary: Zayn admits during drunken Truth or Dare that Perrie has given him an exceptions list - people he’s allowed to fuck without asking her - and the only four people on it are the rest of the band. Harry is intrigued and wants to know if Zayn would exercise that right.

Soft Kitty, Warm Kitty

by toplnson | One Shot

Warnings: Petplay, gay sex

Summary: He can feel the heat of Harry’s cheek to his chest. “Just, well, I really-shit. Let me try again. I really like it when you treat me a bit like a kitten.”

You Can Get, Get Anything That You Want

by unapologetic_thirst | One Shot

Summary: Basically, Harry has a serious thing for having his nipples played with and Zayn notices.

minfanatic-deactivated20140802: hi! new fan here. just wondering, have there been any zarry fics from Kiss You MV AUs? :D

i’ll be posting them in a while :)

cheeky-things: I just want to thank you so much for this blog! I'm always looking for zarry fanfics and I found this one, thank you so much and I absolutely love every fanfic here! Keep doing what you're doing! Love you! <3 xoxo

this is such a sweet message i- thank you so much, darling! <3

It's Midnight In New York

by wordcraze | One Shot

Summary: Zayn doesn’t want Harry to be spending the New Year with Taylor, but he has no say in the matter.

How It Is

by 1dkindofslash | One Shot

Summary: They just wanted to be together, but fate couldn’t let it be.


by rorycroft | One Shot

Summary: Zayn transfers to Harry’s school, and Harry is the only one who doesn’t bully him.